The organisation develops tools to be put in the hands of people able to create positive change. We focus on global challenges that are constantly evolving – wicked problems – and develop physical tools to tackle them. Our aim is to create the tools people need to dream, communicate, create, prototype and build a better future together. is the non-profit branch of

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What we do

  • Tools:
    The tools are physical decks of cards that create both a visual overview and common language for any given challenge/area. The cards create a framework for people to build workshops, conversations and ideas around. They are deliberately simple and easy to use. We have found this allows for greater conversation. We don’t want people to drown in information, but rather use the cards to spark conversation, ideas and allow people a holistic view over their situation. We see the tools as an aid in capacity building in order to solve global challenges solving global challenges.
  • Communication:
    We aim to foster communication and build frameworks for people to build their needs/ideas/visions on. The conversation is more important than the tools used. If we can communicate a better world to each other, we are one step closer to building a better world with each other.
  • Empower and do not impose:
    The cards empower people by providing a structure (or hooks) for their ideas, without imposing set solutions to a given challenge. This allows for local solutions to local challenges. It allows people, organisations and governments the chance to build a common language together, and then use that language to explore, discover, engage and create together.

Current projects

Global Goals Cards

The tool contains 54 illustrated and color-coded cards with challenges connected to the 17 UN Global Goals.

Status: Preparing for release

MethodKit for Refugee Housing

A trilingual kit for self-organised refugee housing. Cards to discuss tasks and infrastructure elements for a functional house. People from all over the world helped translate the kit into 35 languages.

Status: Test-phase in Athens, Greece

MethodKit for Workshop Planning CC

A kit to educate and build capacity around workshop facilitation. Available as digital download in 12 languages.

Download it

MethodKit for Informal Settlements

The tool to discuss and mobilise change in forgotten parts of town.

Status: Research & design

MethodKit with Privileges

A kit with 50 something cards to discuss privileges and advantages one has in society. A continuation of our article about how to explain privilege to the privileged.

Status: Test-phase